COVID-19 Online Education ORIENTATION

Yavapai Accommodation School District #99
Fall, 2020


Every student deserves a chance to be successful. To ensure that every student has access to the tools they need to participate in all of the opportunities available, please become familiar with the following tools by completing the activities set forward in this document.

  1. Edgenuity – know how to log on and work EVERY DAY.
  2. Attendance – know how to get credit for being in class EVERY DAY.
  3. Gmail – know how to log on and access email EVERY DAY.
  4. Google Classroom – This should be accessed for each class AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK .
  5. New class expectations – Know how to pass classes to qualify for credit.
  6. How to get help when you need it.

New Attendance Protocols

The school will be requiring all students to attend classes EVERY SCHOOL DAY. Please follow these requirements:

  1. You must log in to Edgenuity BEFORE 4:00PM Monday through Thursday to be counted present. This will serve as a timeclock to know that you were online.
  2. Additionally, you must work from home for a minimum of 20 HOURS PER WEEK to get credit for attendance.

For instance, if you log in to Edgenuity every day but only do 10 hours of work, you will only get credit for TWO days of attendance.

  1. Attendance will be monitored by the office staff and administration. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in consequences and/or disciplinary action.
  2. Missing more than 10 days of school may result in consequences that could include loss of credit or being withdrawn.

Logging on to Chromebooks, Edgenuity, and Gmail

If you are using a Chromebook issued by the school, to log on to the computer, use these credentials:

  1. User: firstname.lastname
  2. Password: yasd111_______________

To log into Edgenuity:

Access Edgenuity from anywhere that you have internet access.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click: I’m A Student
  3. User Name: firstname.lastname.yasd
  4. Password: yasd111______________

To log into the School Gmail Account:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Username:
  3. Password: yasd111 ______________

Technical Assistance

For any technical problems, please call the school at 928 – 759 – 8126 or email Ms. Cheryl Taylor at .

Google Classroom

IMPORTANT: Credit may not be awarded to students who complete Edgenuity work alone. All activities that will supplement the Edgenuity program will be available through Google Classroom.

Here, teachers will provide activities, lessons, conferences, and supplemental materials that are necessary to pass the class.

Students should join the virtual Google Classroom for HISTORY, MATH, ENGLISH, and SCIENCE if they are enrolled in those classes in Edgenuity.

To JOIN each Google Classroom:

  1. Sign in to the school Gmail account. (See page 2 for instructions.)
  2. Open the email with the classroom invitation. You should have an invitation from Ms. Redd, Ms. Marks, Mrs. Campbell, and Mr. Rogers if you are enrolled in their classes in Edgenuity. If you do not have an invitation, please call the school or email the teacher. (See page 5 for contact information.)
  3. Follow the instructions and prompts to access the class.

Navigating Google Classroom:

Whenever you would like to access your Google classroom, find it by clicking on the “waffle” (which looks likes a little grid of nine dots):

Google Account, with an arrow pointing at the dot grid which accesses additional Google services

Click on the CLASSROOM icon that looks like this:

Google Classroom icon - 3 illustrations of people with an orange border


Once you are in the classroom, you’ll see three tabs at the top of the screen that look like this:

Google Classroom tabs - options are Stream, Classwork, or People

The 3 options are as follows:

  1. STREAM = announcements and due dates for the class
  2. CLASSWORK = where all assignments, lessons, and materials will be posted
  3. PEOPLE = where you can find all of the teachers and classmates so you can email them if you have questions.

At this time, please join all of the Google Classrooms.

Classroom Expectations

Due to COVID-19 special accreditation and licensing requirements, there are new classroom expectations. Each class may be run a little differently, but all classes will be mandating the changes below:

  1. Each class will have a final exam that will be worth AT LEAST 50% of the total grade.
  2. Final exams should be proctored, in person, by a staff member. Failing the final may require retaking the ENTIRE course again.
  3. Every month, a teacher will reach out on Google Classroom to verify that the contact information on record is up-to-date. Responding to these inquiries is a required classroom assignment.
  4. Teacher availability has changed:

Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.:

All teachers will be in their classrooms working. They are 100% available to give tutoring, provide lessons, and take questions via phone, email, text, or video.

Outside of these hours, teachers are available by SCHOOL GMAIL ONLY.

All emails are guaranteed a response within 24 hours Monday through Thursday.

Students should not text their teachers outside of business hours, nor should they ever use Edgenuity to email their teachers about time-sensitive issues.


At this time, please go to EACH Google Classroom and complete the activity titled “CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS” to show that the student understands these new requirements for each teacher.


We want to be helpful!

Please call the school office at 928-759-8126 or email the following people at:

Contact Information
Math classes Mrs. Karen Campbell
English classes Ms. Jessica Marks
Social Studies classes Mr. Paul Rogers
Science classes Ms. Cherri Redd
Administrative issues
  • Mrs. Kellie Burns
  • Mrs. Ginger Flaumenhaft
Special Services Mr. Jose Rosario
Transition Ms. Evelina Acosta Mr. Chad Grendell