Yavapai Accomodation School District #99 - Success... Nothing Less

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Vision, Mission and Commitment
  3. Use of Handbook; Board Meetings; Notice of Non-Discrimination
  4. School Calendar and Important Dates
  5. Policies to Review
  6. Insurance Benefits
  7. Accidents and Industrial Injuries
  8. Payroll
  9. Teaching Certification, Fingerprinting, Equal Opportunity, and Certified Evaluations
  10. Classified Evaluations, Leaves and Absences
  11. Vacation/Sick Leave, Civic/Legal Leave
  12. Snow Day Procedures, Work Schedules, Use of Personal Vehicles Reimbursement of Travel Expenses, Technology
  13. Receiving Email Offsite, Mandatory Reporting of Firearms/Weapons, Electronic Information Services User Agreement
  14. Disposal and Transfer of Inventory, Mandatory Reporting of Child
  15. Abuse/Neglect
  16. Complaint/Grievance Procedure
  17. Purchasing Policies, Lesson Plans, Video and Movies Guidelines
  18. Visitors/Guest Speakers, Student/Staff Health and Safety
  19. Accidents/ Accident Reporting Procedures, Student Handbook, Accounting For Students, Students Leave Early/Stay After Hours
  20. Smoking, Food and Drinks, Mailboxes, Keys, Resource Programs, Admit to Class, Closed Campus, Sign-Out/Sign-In Procedures
  21. Dress Code, Student Behavior Management Process
  22. Acknowledgement Page (to sign and hand in)


It is the purpose of this handbook to provide YASD employees with a resource which gathers together all the pertinent information of policy and procedure related to their work. This is done in belief that staff morale improves when everyone understands the relationship of his/her work within the organization and knows his/her rights and responsibilities.

This handbook has been prepared to provide YASD personnel with relevant information, policies, and patterns of practice. The handbook states policies as they exist at the time of publication. All policies are subject to change by the YASD Governing Board.

It is essential that all school personnel be thoroughly acquainted with the handbook and refer to it frequently. Employees are urged to make suggestions for future improvement and revision.

Every employee at YASD is part of the team whose goal is to provide a high quality education for all students. We are all trustees of public confidence and as such must be dedicated to doing the most efficient and effective job of which we are capable.

Please use this handbook often to help you know and understand policies and procedures related to your job.

Yavapai Accommodation District #99 Vision Statement

The First Choice for responsive educational services.

It is our goal to open the door to our students’ future by providing students with knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever changing global environment.

Mission Statement

The Yavapai County Education Service Agency provides quality leadership, services, and support in response to identified and anticipated needs that will ensure the highest quality education for students.

YASD strives to create accommodations that don’t fit in standard schools by providing individualized, relevant education in a safe, small, and independent thinking environment. Our spectrum of academics for the individual needs of students enable them to graduate and be career ready.

YASD’s Commitment to our students

  • Student success is our #1 priority
  • Quality programs and leadership skills will be ongoing through Professional Development
  • Create accommodations that don’t fit in standard schools by providing students with an individualized, relevant education
  • Ensure consistent communication with families, community and each other
  • Ensure equal access to tutoring, mentoring and technology
  • Collect and utilize data effectively to make decisions

Use of Employee Handbook

The practices/procedures in this handbook are to be considered as guidelines for the operations of the Yavapai Accommodation School District #99. YASD#99 at its option may change, delete, suspend, or discontinue any part or parts of the policies in this handbook at any time without prior notice. Any such action shall apply to existing as well as future employees. Employees shall not accrue eligibility for any benefits, rights, or privileges beyond the last day worked. No one other than the Governing Board, District Executive Officer, or District’s designee may alter or modify any of the practices/procedures in the handbook. No statement or promise by a supervisor, manager, or department head may be interpreted as a change in policy nor will it constitute an agreement with an employee. Some of the issues addressed in the handbook may also be referenced in the District’s homepage at: www.yasd99.com. Access to the District’s policy book may be found at www.azsba.org.

Governing Board Meetings

All meetings of the Governing Board are open to the public. Employees are encouraged to attend. Regular board meetings are held every second Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Check our website or contact the office for dates. If the regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, the meeting will be held on the following day. Special meetings may be called whenever deemed necessary by the Governing Board with twenty-four hours prior public notice.

Unless otherwise posted, all meetings are held at the District Governing Board Room located at 2972 Centerpointe East Drive. The Governing Board welcomes public input at their meetings. To have an item placed on the agenda, please contact the district office.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Yavapai Accommodation School District #99 and the YASD Governing Board are committed to nondiscriminatory practices in relation to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, and/or disability. District policies AC, AC-R and AC-E pertaining to nondiscriminatory practices and equal opportunity will prevail in all matters concerning students, staff members, the public and individuals with whom the school district or Board does business. All complaints and concerns of discrimination should be filed in writing to the Yavapai Accommodation Human Resources/Business Manager at 2972 Centerpointe East Drive, Prescott, AZ, 86334. For information, contact the YASD District Office at (928) 759 8126.

2018/2019 YASD School Calendar

General Dates

July 2018

  • 4th – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed
  • 30th and 31st – Teacher Pre/Post Service

August 2018

  • 1st and 2nd – Teacher Pre/Post Service
  • 6th – First Day of School
  • 24th – Teacher In-service

September 2018

  • 3rd – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed

October 2018

  • 8th through 11th – No School
  • 19th – Teacher In-service

November 2018

  • 12th – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed
  • 21st and 22nd – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed

December 2018

  • 24th and 25th – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed
  • 26th and 27th – No School
  • 31st – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed

January 2019

  • 1st – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed
  • 2nd and 3rd – No School
  • 21st – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed
  • 25th – Teacher In-service

February 2019

  • 18th – Twelve Month Employee Holiday – District Closed

March 2019

  • 11th through 14th – No School
  • 22nd – Teacher In-service

April 2019

  • 22nd – Teacher In-service

May 2019

  • 22nd – Last Day of School

June 2019


Days in School

  • Teachers – 153 Days
  • Students – 144 Days


Important Dates

July 2018

  • 4th – July 4th Holiday – District closed
  • 30th and 31st – Teacher Preservice – No Students; ESA Day: July 31st 9:00am-1:00pm

August 2018

  • 1st and 2nd – Teacher Preservice – No Students
  • 6th – First day of school
  • 24th – Teacher In-service – No students

September 2018

  • 3rd – Labor Day – District closed

October 2018

  • 2nd – Parent Teacher Conference
  • 8th through 11th – Fall Break
  • 19th – Teacher In-service – No students

November 2018

  • 12th – Veterans Day – District closed
  • 21st and 22nd – Thanksgiving Holiday – District closed

December 2018

  • 24th – 31st – Winter Break
  • 24th and 25th – Christmas Holiday – District closed
  • 31st – New Year’s Eve Holiday – District Closed

January 2019

  • 1st – New Year’s Holiday – District closed
  • 1st through 3rd – Winter Break
  • 21st – M.L. King Jr. Day – District closed
  • 25th – Teacher In-service – No students

February 2019

  • 18th – Presidents’ Day – District closed

March 2019

  • 5th – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 11th – 14th – Spring Break
  • 22nd – Teacher In-service – No students

April 2019

  • 22nd – Teacher In-service – No students (Snow Day Makeup if necessary)

May 2019

  • 22nd – Last day of school
  • 27th – Memorial Day – District closed

June 2019

  • 30th – End of Fiscal Year

Policies to Review

Sexual Harassment ACA
School & Personal Property Replacement/Restitution ECAD
Student Transportation In Private Vehicles EEAG
Accident Reports EBBB
Staff Ethics GBEA
Drug Free Workplace GBEC
Smoking by Staff Members GBED
Staff Conduct with Students GBEBB
Staff Participation In Political Activities GBI
Board Communications with Staff Members BHC
Staff Grievances GBK
Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco IHAMA
Field Trips IJOA
Instructional Resources and Materials IJ
Technological Resources (Movies/Videos) IJND
Use of Technological Resources in Instruction IJNDB
Report Cards/Progress Report IKAB
Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues IMB
Student Absences and Excuses JH
Student Conduct JIC
Weapons In School JICI
Hazing JICFA
Corporal Punishment JKA
Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection JLF
Student Safety JLI
Student Dismissal Precautions JLIB
Student Fees, Fines, and Charges JQ
Student Records JR
Public Concerns/Complaints about Personnel KEB

Where to Find Policies

Employees are responsible for knowing and following all District policies. Policy manuals can be accessed at https://policy.azsba.org/asba/Z2Browser2.html?showset=allmanuals

Employee Insurance Benefits

The health, vision and dental insurance coverage is paid by the district for employees who work thirty five (35) hours per week. ASBAIT (Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust) provides dental coverage. Medical coverage is also provided by ASBAIT and administered through Meritain Health, which will process all claims. Questions concerning insurance coverage should be directed to the business office. Beginning July 1, 2018 Your National PPO Network is AETNA CHOICE® POINT OF SERVICE II NETWORK.

Your Meritain Health member website at www.meritain.com is designed to provide a secure, user and family-friendly, one-stop-shop for you to access the account and claims information you can use to manage your health and wellness.

You can use the DocFind directory anywhere you have Internet access.

  1. Visit http://www.aetna.com/docfind/custom/mymeritain/.
  2. Key in the type of provider or provider name, specialty, procedure or condition under “Who or what are you looking for?” and the desired geographical area under “Where?” Click Search.
  3. Choose Aetna Choice® POS II (Open Access) under Select a Plan.


  1. Click on one of the options listed under Provider Types, Conditions or Procedures. You will be prompted to key in the desired geographical area and select your plan (as shown in step three).
  2. Choose your provider from the list of providers displayed on the results screen. Learn more about each by clicking on the provider’s name.
  3. Narrow your search results by using the filters under Narrow Your Results. Choices include Hospital Affiliations, Group Affiliations, Languages, Gender and Specialty.
  4. For more search tips, you can click on Search Tips and FAQs on the home screen.

If you have questions while searching for a doctor or hospital, simply click on the Contact DocFind link. It’s at the top of any DocFind page. You’ll be able to send a quick comment or question.

Need a provider when you’re not near a computer? No problem. Simply call the Aetna Provider Line at 1.800.343.3140 from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Prescription Benefits

When you need prescriptions filled, you have your easy-to-use prescription drug benefit. But to get the most from your benefits plan, it pays to be a wise consumer. Your prescription drug benefit is administered by Scrip World, powered by OptumRx. You can visit www.optumrx.com to:

  1. Review a complete list of covered drugs
  2. Locate a pharmacy
  3. Look up possible lower cost medication alternatives.
  4. Compare medication pricing and options.
Support Directory
What do you need help with? Who to contact Phone Number
My ASBAIT benefits Meritain Health Customer Service 1.866.300.8449 or 1.602.789.1170
My prescription drug benefits OptumRx 1.855.312.6103
Precertification ASBAIT Medical Management 1.8555ASBAIT or 1.855.527.2248
EAP/Nurseline Alliance Work Partners (AWP} 1.800.343.3822
Working~well Wellness Program Edwards Risk Management 1.800.575.2657
Nurse Health Coaching Meritain Health 1.855.527.2248

Accidents & Industrial Injuries

All employees have a responsibility to maintain a safe condition in their work area. If an unsafe condition exists which you cannot correct, it must be reported to your principal/supervisor immediately. If an accident occurs while you are on duty, you are protected under Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. You may not be covered if the accident or injury is not reported within 24 hours. In the event of an injury, and your injury is not life threatening or does not require immediate medical attention, get with your supervisor or site health aide and contact the Alliance on-call triage nurse at 1-888-252-4689. For treatment please report to Yavapai Regional Medical Center/East 7700 E. Florentine Road, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 (928) 445-2700, This is YASD #99’s provider of choice. Please do not pay any provider for a Workers Comp injury.

District Policy #1963-SA-AZ-208

Payroll Procedures and Options

At the beginning of each school year or beginning employment, new employees wi ll complete all necessary payroll forms. If an employee’s family status (marriage, divorce, additional children) changes, it is the responsibility of the employee to notify the business office and complete new applicable forms. It is also the responsibility of the employee to notify the business office, in writing, of any address and/or phone number changes. School district employees are required to have a social security number.

Certified employees who are working the usual ten (10 1/2) month school year may elect to be paid under any of these two (2) options:

  1. Bi-weekly installments (Payment during the school year only)
  2. Bi-Weekly installments with balance of contract paid at the conclusion of the school year (Balloon Payment).

Once an option has been chosen for the year, it cannot be changed!


Employees working under a time sheet agreement or who work overtime must have their time sheets to payroll by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday at the end of the pay period in order to be processed for the following pay date (refer to the payroll calendar).

2018-2019 Pay Periods
Fiscal Year Quarter Pay Period Number Start Date End Date (times slips due) Pay Date Days Calendar Year Quarter
1 1 07-01-18 07-06-18 07-13-18 5 3
1 2 07-07-18 07-20-18 07-27-18 10 3
1 3 07-21-18 08-03-18 08-10-18 10 3
1 4 08-04-18 08-17-18 08-24-18 10 3
1 5 08-18-18 08-31-18 09-07-18 10 3
1 6 09-01-18 09-14-18 09-21-18 10 3
2 7 09-15-18 09-28-18 10-05-18 10 4
2 8 09-29-18 10-12-18 10-19-18 10 4
2 9 10-13-18 10-26-18 11-02-18 10 4
2 10 10-27-18 11-09-18 11-16-18 10 4
2 11 11-10-18 11-23-18 11-30-18 10 4
2 12 11-24-18 12-07-18 12-14-18 10 4
2 13 12-08-18 12-21-18 12-28-18 10 4
3 14 12-22-18 01-04-19 01-11-19 10 1
3 15 01-05-19 01-18-19 01-25-19 10 1
3 16 01-19-19 02-01-19 02-08-19 10 1
3 17 02-02-19 02-15-19 02-22-19 10 1
3 18 02-16-19 03-01-19 03-08-19 10 1
3 19 03-02-19 03-15-19 03-22-19 10 1
4 20 03-16-19 02-29-19 04-05-19 10 2
4 21 03-30-19 04-12-19 04-19-19 10 2
4 22 04-13-19 04-26-19 05-03-19 10 2
4 23 04-27-19 05-10-19 05-17-19 10 2
4 24 05-11-19 05-24-19 05-31-19 10 2
4 25 05-25-19 06-07-19 06-14-19 10 2
4 26 06-08-19 06-29-19 06-29-19 15 2
Total Days N/A N/A N/A N/A/ 260 N/A

NOTE: The district must submit accurate, properly authorized time-slips and docks no later than 5:00 p.m. on the due dates indicated above. Districts may fax or scan and email the time-slips.

Please stress the importance of submitting time-slips on schedule. Errors, omissions, and late time-slips could delay payment to the employee.

Districts must establish a delayed payroll system. This type of system allows time for payroll adjustments to be made before payment to help ensure that employees receive only the amount of wages they have earned. The maximum payroll lag time allowed by statute is five working days. (A.R.S. 23-351)

Teaching Certification

All teachers must have and maintain certification throughout the year. Your Arizona Teaching Certificate must also be recorded at the Yavapai County School Superintendent’s office, and a copy showing the stamp, furnished to Human Resources. No warrant may be drawn in payment of a teacher’s salary unless the teacher is the holder of a legal certification. Please be sure to take care of this before the first day you report to duty. It could affect you being paid. (NOTE: ALL TEACHERS MUST HAVE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS ON FILE IN THE DISTRICT OFFICE).

Renewal of teaching Certification and Fingerprints

Certified employees are responsible for maintaining a current, valid Arizona credential and current fingerprint card. Other staff members are to have a current fingerprint clearance card. Human Resources will notify an employee of renewal deadlines. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain these certifications and can affect employee wages should they expire.


Beginning October 15, 2003, Arizona State Statue A.R.S. § 15-534 (B) requires that a certificate holder who applies for a renewal or any other certification service must either (1) have a valid fingerprint clearance card or (2) prove that he or she submitted an application for a fingerprint clearance card.

Equal Opportunity

The Yavapai Accommodation School District is committed to the fundamental policy of providing equal opportunity in all areas of recruitment, selection, retention, promotion and affirms that there shall be no discrimination against any persons because of race, creed, age, color, sex, physical handicap, religion or national origin. The district shall seek the best-qualified applicants for each vacant position, regardless of race, color, national origin or sex.

Certified Evaluations

  • At the beginning of the school year, the DEO shall meet with the school ‘s faculty for the purpose of orienting the teachers to the evaluation plan. This shall include whether the evaluation is used as a criterion for establishing a teacher’s compensation.
  • Self-evaluation for the teacher shall be urged. An observation(s) in the classroom shall be completed.
  • An opportunity for a conference shall follow each formal observation-visitation.
  • A written record shall be made of each formal observation, with a copy to the observed.
  • The official evaluation shall be signed by both the teacher and the evaluator. The teacher’s signature shall not mean concurrence. The teacher shall be allowed ten (10) days to write and submit any comments, which shall be attached to the evaluation.
  • A copy of the written evaluation shall be transmitted to the teacher within five (5) days after completion of the evaluation, and a copy shall be retained for the principal ‘ s file. A third copy shall be placed in the teacher’s personnel file and made available to authorized District officers and employees.
  • All evaluations shall remain confidential as is provided in A.R.S. 15-537.

Classified Evaluations

  • Classified personnel will be evaluated at least once during the introductory period of employment (90 days) with said evaluation occurring at least 10 working days prior to the conclusion of the probationary period. Evaluations of employees who have completed their probationary period will be conducted at least once annually. Additional evaluations may be completed for anyone at any time at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • Classified personnel shall be allowed ten (10) days to write and submit any comments, which shall be attached to the evaluation.
  • No employee will be placed in any position wherein direct evaluative or supervisory authority is exercised by a close relative. (Close relative is defined as a father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law.)
  • Exceptions to the above paragraph may be granted by the Board when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the District. The current assignment of close relatives, although such may be in conflict with this policy at the time of its adoption, may be continued if deemed in the best interest of the District.

Leaves and Absences (including Absent Without Leave)

Absences should be filed/reported by logging into the following website with the log in information given at the beginning of employment: https://vavapaicountvesa.eschoolsolutions.com/1ogOnlnitAction.do. Here, the employee will request either Sick Leave/Medical or Vacation time off and request a substitute if needed. If an emergency, contact administrator immediately.

Policy GCC

An employee shall be deemed “absent without leave” when absent from work because of: Failure to complete an appropriate leave form for any leave, i.e., sick, personal, vacation, emergency, legal, professional, etc., within forty-eight (48) hours of the employee’s return to work. No leave is considered to be officially approved until a leave form has been submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor.

All employees must report before they leave work outside of their designated time or will not be able to report to their job.

Vacation/Sick Leave

Please refer to Earned Paid Sick Leave and Vacation Leave, Board approved to be effective July 1, 2017:

Category Certified Employees Administrators Salaried/Classified Employees
Earned Paid Sick Leave

5 DAYS or the contracted FTE – accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year.

Accrued limit: 5 days.

At the end of each fiscal yeat, the district will “buy down” a maximum number of 50 hours over the 50 hour accrual limit at their daily rate of pay.

12 DAYS or the contracted FTE – accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year.

Accrual limit: 12 days.

At the end of each fiscal year, the district will “buy down” a maximum number of 12 days over the 12 day accrual limit at their daily rate of pay.

12 DAYS or the contracted FTE – at no less than 24 hours – accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year.

Accrual limit: 12 days.

At the end of each fiscal year, the district will “buy down” a maximum number of 12 days over the 12 day accrual limit at their daily rate of pay.


5 DAYS or the contracted FTE – accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year.

Accrual limit: 5 days.

At the end of each fiscal year, the district will “buy down” a maximum number of 5 days over the 5 day accrual limit at their daily rate of pay.

20 DAYS – accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year. No more than twice during the fiscal year, the employees may sell days back to the district vacation days at their daily rate of pay.

Accrual limit: 20 days.

At the end of each fiscal year, if the employees has not so earlier, the district will “buy down” a maximum nmber of 20 days over the 20 day accrual limit at their daily rate of pay.

12 DAYS – accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year. Does not apply to Part-Time Employees. No more than twice during the fiscal, the employees may sell days back to the district vacation days at their daily rate of pay.

Accrual limit: 12 days.

At the end of each fiscal year, if the employee has not done so earlier, the district will “buy down” a maximum number of 12 days over the 12 day accrual limit at their daily rate of pay.

Additional Notes

Upon termination as part of their final severance compensation, all employees with accrued EARNED PAID SICK LEAVE and/or VACATION LEAVE will be paid their balance of days at their daily rate.

Earned Paid Sick Leave and Vacation Leave that is accrued on the first day of service each fiscal year will ONLY be paid out on a pro-rated basis from the end of service. Earned Paid Sick Leave and Vacation Leave that exceeded the pro-rated days will be deducted from the final severance compensation or added to any contractual liquidated damages.

Civic/Legal Leave

Employees shall be granted civic leave when summoned to jury duty. Only an employee on jury duty may receive the regular salary. It is the responsibility of the employee to reimburse the District for jury duty pay (not including mileage) when such payment is made directly to the employee. Failure to reimburse the District at the completion of the jury duty service will result in a full deduction equal to the number of contract days missed. An employee excused from jury duty shall report to their regular duties as soon as possible. Failure to report for duty will result in a deduction equal to that portion of a contract day missed ([A.R.S. 21-236).

The employee must fill out a leave request form AND furnish the District Office with a copy of the “Notice of Jury Duty” PRIOR to the date of said duty if notified by mail. If notified by phone, the employee MUST fill out a leave request form AND furnish proof of duty from the court. If the employee does not receive compensation for the first day of jury duty, verification of attendance from the court MUST be furnished to the District Office.

If an employee is a defendant or litigant in court proceedings, (s)he must apply for personal leave.

Snow Day Procedures

In the event of extreme weather conditions, the District Executive Officer may choose to close or delay the start of school. In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel school or start late due to weather related issues, notification will be made through the District School Messenger phone system and will be posted on our district website at www.yasd99.com.

Work Schedules

Classroom teachers’ work hours shall be established by administration. Lunch shall be taken as the individual school duty schedule allows. Anytime it is necessary to leave or arrive at times other than those designated, prior arrangements must be made with administration.

Full-time-classified employees work as required by the individual job needs will establish reporting times. Part-time employees’ work schedules will be established at the time of hire.

Use of Personal Vehicles

The school district has district vehicles for business use. Staff member responsibilities regarding the transport of students in a personal vehicle are detailed in Policy EEAG and IJOA.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Employees must submit a claim to receive reimbursement for mileage, lodging and meal expenses. Mileage will be reimbursed when a district vehicle is not available at the standard rate set by the Arizona Department of Revenue for privately owned motor vehicles. See Business Manager for details. Receipts are required for lodging. Lodging for conferences will be limited to the cost of the conference facility. Contact the Business Office in advance of travel for restrictions. (Reference USFR Memorandum No. 210.)


All computer related repairs should go through administration. It is against District Policy to install software on your individual computer. All District computers must have only licensed software installed on them. If you have a software program that you want to install on your local client, you may donate it to the District, and the licensing will be kept on file at the Information Technology office.

Receiving Your E-Mail Offsite

Go to mail.google.com to log-in. Your e-mail address is in the following format: Username@yavapaicountyhs.org

Mandatory Reporting of Firearms/Weapons on Campus

The 41st Arizona Legislature passed H.B. 2131 in 1994. This new law increased the penalty for selling or giving a firearm or ammunition to a minor and a legal duty for all school personnel to report all violations of the weapons law, which occur on school premises. Such report must be to a peace officer who is required to report the violation to DPS. Additionally, a report should immediately be made to school administrators of any knowledge of firearms/weapons on school grounds. A copy of the complete new law is on file at each school office.

Electronic Information Services User Agreement

(Appropriate Use of Electronic Information Services)

Acceptable use of the electronic information services (EIS) requires that the use of the resources support education, research, and educational goals of the district. The user must:

  • Use the EIS for educational purposes only.
  • Agree not to knowingly submit, publish, display, or retrieve any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially inaccurate, or illegal material.
  • Abide by all copyright regulations. The use of all software must be in compliance with State and Federal law and Y ASD #99’s software licenses. *Violating United States copyright law by illegal reproduction of software can be subject to civil damages of as much as $100,000.00 and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.
  • Have software and hardware products installed or run on YASD #99 client computers approved by the IT Department or District Executive Officer.
  • Understand that many services and products available for a fee and assume the responsibility for any expenses incurred without District authorization.
  • Acknowledge that the school district specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. While the district will make an effort to ensure access to proper materials, the user has the ultimate responsibility for how the electronic information service (EIS) is used and bears the risk or reliance on the information obtained.
  • Not reveal the home addresses or personal phone numbers.
  • Understand that electronic mail or direct electronic communication is not private. YASD #99 reserves the right to monitor electronic communications.
  • Not use EIS for commercial purposes.
  • Follow the District’s code of conduct.
  • Not attempt to harm, modify, or destroy software or hardware or interfere with system security and district servers. Servers on the YASD #99 network are the sole responsibility of the Information Technology Department (IT). Any additions or changes made to software or hardware must be submitted to the District Information Technology Department.

In addition, acceptable use for Employees is extended to include requirements to:

  • Maintain supervision of students using EIS. Understand that students are responsible for complying with their own EIS User agreement.
  • Agree to directly log on and supervise the account activity when allowing others to use a personal account.
  • Take responsibility for personal accounts, including password protection.
  • Protect the confidentiality of all passwords, the filtration override password (where applicable) user ID’s, and personal identification numbers (PIN’s) assigned to or created by employee, to prevent the use of personal accounts by unauthorized persons.

Each user when signing the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT at the end of the Employee Manual shall agree to the terms and conditions of this EIS User Agreement. A user who violates the provisions of the terms and conditions may be denied access to the information services and may be subject to disciplinary action. Accounts may be closed and files deleted at any time. The District is not responsible for any service interruptions, data loss, changes or consequences.

Disposal and Transfer of Inventory

An Inventory Transfer and Disposal Form must be completed for any inventory items that are unusable or broken and need to be removed from inventory. Required information includes:

  • School
  • Tag Number
  • Reason for Disposition
  • Signature/Date

For equipment transfers, use the same form and include transfer information.

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse/Neglect

A.R.S. 13-3620 requires: “Any … nurse … teacher … counselor or other employees of the School District or any other person having responsibility for the care or treatment of children whose observation or examination of any minor discloses reasonable grounds to believe that a minor is or has been the victim of injury, sexual abuse pursuant to section 13-1406 …. (this includes an extensive listing of possible signs of abuse & neglect] …. shall immediately report or cause reports to be made of this information to a peace officer or to child protective services in the Department of Economic Security …. Reports shall be made forthwith by telephone or in person forthwith and shall be followed by a written report within seventytwo hours …. The law continues to define in length requirements of reporting.”

The full text of A.R.S. 13-3620 can be reviewed at the following website: https://www.azleg.gov/ars/13/03620.htm. All school personnel should be aware of this requirement for reporting suspected abuse and/or neglect. Principals in each school and Directors will have a procedure for employees to follow when reporting.

Special Note: According to YASD#99 School Board Policy JLF, “Any school employee who has orally reported to CPS or a peace officer a reasonable belief of an offense to a minor must provide written notification to the Principal of the oral report not later than the next workday following the making of the report.”

The Promise to Our Students

“As your teacher, I promise you that I will always be in one of 3 places. In front of you to cheer you on. Behind you to have your back. And next to you so that you aren’t walking alone.”

Guy Finley quote

“Knowledge without Spirit is like finding yourself on a cold night with all the wood in the world and no flame to ignite it” – Guy Finley

Complaint/Grievance Procedure

It is the policy of the district that all complaints and grievances of its employees be solved as timely and fair as possible and at the lowest possible level of mediation. It is to be understood by all that complaints and grievances are to be considered as a normal happening in any functioning organization and that in no case should an individual feel threatened or be intimidated by having considered that one should be filed.

Before filing a formal written grievance, the grievant must attempt to resolve the matter by one (1) or more informal conferences with the immediate supervisor. The first of these informal conferences must be conducted within ten (10) days after the employee knew, or should have known, of the act or omission giving rise to the grievance. A second or any subsequent conference must occur within five (5) days after the initial informal conference, or any subsequent conference.

An expedient procedure shall be used when grievances are presented. A grievance shall mean a complaint by the employee that there has been a misrepresentation or misapplication of personnel policies, which directly affects the employee. A grievance must be initiated within thirty-days from the time the employee knew or should have known of its occurrence.

The grievance procedure shall be as follows:

Level 1

Within fifteen (15) days after the employee knew, or should have known, of the act or omission giving rise to the grievance, the grievant must present the grievance in writing to the immediate supervisor. The grievance shall be a clear, concise statement of the circumstances giving rise to the grievance, a citation of the specific article, section, and paragraph of the policy or regulation that directly and specifically governs the employee’s terms and conditions of employment that are alleged to have been violated, the decision rendered at the informal conference, and the specific remedy sought.

The immediate supervisor shall communicate a decision to the employee in writing within five (5) days after receiving the grievance. Within the above time limits either party may request a personal conference to attempt to resolve the matter.

Level 2

In the event the grievant is not satisfied with the decision at Level I, the decision may be appealed to the District Executive Officer within five (5) days after receipt of the decision.

The appeal shall include a copy of the original grievance, the decision rendered, and a clear, concise statement of the reasons for the appeal. The District Executive Officer shall communicate a decision within five (5) days after receiving the appeal. Either the grievant or the District Executive Officer may request a personal conference within the above time limits.

Level 3

If the grievant is not satisfied with the decision at Level II, t he gr ievant may, within five (5) days, submit an appeal in writing to the Superintendent for consideration by the Governing Board.

For more details, see Board Policy GBK and Regulation GBK-R

Purchasing Policies

The following is a summary of purchasing policies of Yavapai Accommodation School District #99. The Governing Board must approve all expenditures.

If an employee plans to use District funds to purchase supplies, equipment or services, this is the procedure that must be followed:

Ask for a Requisition Request Form for the item or service to be purchased. The District Executive Officer will authorize the Requisition Request. It is to be submitted to the Business Manager. Requisitions need to include item descriptions as well as catalogue numbers. An official Purchase Order will be generated from the Requisition.


Business Office

Business Office issues Purchase Orders. Purchase orders are required for all expenditures except exempted items, such as salaries and related costs. No material may be ordered “on approval” without a purchase order. If an employee orders material without a purchase order, this will be deemed a personal expenditure and the employee will be liable for payment!

Lesson Plans

Each teacher is expected to make lesson plans on a monthly basis and, in the event of absence, to have such plans readily available for the substitute teacher. The plans should be located in a specified location in the classroom for easy access when needed. Plans should be turned in to administration to be used to support the teacher evaluation system. Lessons plans are due for the upcoming month by the 1st day of the month.

Lesson plans should be a guide for the organization of the class activities. Plans should be flexible enough to take advantage of “teachable moments” without disregarding course objectives.

Lesson plans should be correlated to the state standards.

Video and Movie Guidelines (Policy IJND-R)

Parents have the right to request that their child not view any movie or video, regardless of its rating or the purpose for which it is to be shown.

Movies and videos with ratings other than for general audiences of all ages (G) are not to be shown in classrooms or at a District facility (this includes buses and motels where students are present) except when ALL of the following apply:

  • The teacher or other certified staff member has previewed the video or movie.
  • The video or movie has been determined to not contain material that is objectionable or inappropriate for the age group to which it is intended to be shown.
  • The administration has approved the use of the video or movie prior to its showing.
  • The teacher or other certified staff has provided advance notification to each student’s parent(s)/legal guardians of the title of the video/movie and the date on which it will be shown.
  • The video or movie was purchased by the district as part of the approved curriculum, unless approved by administration prior to its showing.
  • A student whose parent(s) or other responsible adult has provided notice of their disapproval, will not be permitted to view the video or move and other arrangements have been made for that student prior to showing the video or movie.

Teachers must submit a request for approval at least one week prior to showing a video or movie that has a rating of anything other than general for audiences of all ages (G).

Materials utilizing the following characteristics are inappropriate and shall not be used.

  • Language or images, which are lewd, indecent, profane, or obscene
  • Explicit or simulated sexual or erotic scenes
  • Indecently portrayed nudity
  • Portrayal of graphic and/or excessive violence.

Visitors/Guest Speakers

Student guests are not permitted to attend Yavapai Accommodation School District during the school day. Please refer to the Student Handbook.

Parents are always encouraged to visit our school. All adult visitors (guest speakers, parents, substitutes, etc.) MUST check in at the front office. All guests will receive a nametag to wear while they are visiting.

Administration should be notified 2 weeks in advance of a speaker appearing on the campus, including the speaker’s name, topic to be covered, background on the speaker, and what class or classes to which he/she will be speaking. If you feel the speaker and or/topic could be controversial, it is wise to discuss the matter with Administration before arrangements are made with the speaker. Parent permission may need to be obtained.

Student/Staff Health and Safety

If a student becomes ill in your class and asks to go home, call the office to have a staff member escort the student to the office. Teachers should not keep medication for students. All prescription medications are to be issued from the office, and a parental permission slip must be on file. Medication, including Tylenol or over the counter drugs will be administered by approved staff.

The office will notify you if a student has a serious health problem (epileptic, diabetic, hearing loss, vision problem, asthmatic, etc.) Serious health issues will also be noted in the student management system.

Students with inhalers and epi-pens prescribed to carry at all times will be allowed to do so after a permission slip is on file.

If you feel a student’s eyes or ears should be checked or that a home call should be made for health reasons, please contact the office, who will in turn contact the County Nurse.

Accidents/Accident Reporting Procedures

Any accident occurring at school or while on district-approved travel which results in personal injury or potential danger to health should be reported to the administration immediately, unless the injury is serious enough that you must first call an ambulance.

All injuries or accidents to personnel or students must be reported to the office, as even seemingly inconsequential injuries may result in future complications.

An accident report must be filled out and filed on all injuries because: If a report has not been filed and complications arise in the future, there will be no record of the accident having occurred at work and payment for medical treatment may be refused.

Procedures for student injuries

  • Determine the seriousness of the injury and decide if assistance is needed. Administer only urgently needed first-aid.
  • If a student is injured, notify the office immediately by telephone or sending another student. A police report may be necessary if assault is involved.
  • If a student is capable of being sent to the office, please send another student with the injured student.
  • Staff and other bystanders will be required to complete an incident form before exiting the building.

Student Handbooks

Please read and be familiar with the student handbook. It is your responsibility to follow and enforce the guidelines and be consistent according to these documents.

Accounting for Students

Each staff member must be aware of the location of each student in his or her charge at al l times during the school day and must notify the office immediately if a child leaves the classroom or school grounds without permission or if there is any cause to suspect and absence is not legitimate. Do not send students off campus for any reason without prior permission from the administration. Do not send students to the office for any reason without prior contact with the office. Children sent to the office for disciplinary reasons must have a pass and be accompanied by staff.

Each teacher must accompany his or her class to and from special classes, lunch and other special events.

In no event shall students be left unsupervised and out of the line of sight anywhere – in classrooms, hallways, outside, etc.

Students Leaving School Early or Remaining After School Hours

All requests for student to leave school early must be cleared through parent(s) or guardians by the office.

Students may be kept after school only after the teacher has made arrangements with the parent(s) or guardians.

Smoking, Food, and Drink

YAVAPAI ACCOMMODATION SCHOOL DISTRICT IS A SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT: No one is allowed to use ANY tobacco products (including e-cigs and vaporizers) on the grounds, in the buildings, and/or in vehicles owned by Yavapai Accommodation School District.

Food or clear drink in the classroom should be limited to the usual holidays or rare classroom incentive programs, unless approved by administration. (May be altered by administration as needed)


Teachers are assigned individual mailboxes. As confidential materials are sometimes placed in the mailboxes, teachers are not to send students to request their mail. Please check your mailbox on a daily basis.

Keys and Key Cards – Do Not Copy Any School Key

Keys/key cards will be issued for all rooms and storage areas to which you need access. Please take every precaution to insure the security of our facilities by keeping keys/key cards in a safe place –NOT ON TOP OF OR IN THE DESK. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD KEYS/KEY CARDS BE LOANED TO STUDENTS! No keys/key cards will be issued to non-faculty personnel. Any key/key card borrowed from the office is your responsibility until it is returned. Do not give the key/key card to anyone else. If keys are lost or stolen, the staff member could be financially responsible if the building needs to be rekeyed. Keep keys/key cards in a safe place.

Resource Program – Special Education

Yavapai Accommodation School District offers a resource program for student with special needs. Student are referred by teachers and/ or parents for testing by the school psychologist or, if they have been enrolled in an existing program at another school, their records are reviewed. Students follow a curriculum similar to the regular curriculum but are taught in a more individualized manner. State law require students to be tested and meet eligibility requirements prior to receiving Special Education services. All certified teachers are responsibility for following IEPs for students and supporting their learning.

Admit to Class

Aspire: All students will be admitted to class by means of a tardy slip if they arrive at school late. Do not permit students into class without a late/tardy slip. YCHS: Students must sign in as they arrive and record time of arrival. Teaching staff must then change their attendance from Absent to Tardy.

Closed Campus

YASD has a closed campus policy whereby students are required to remain on campus throughout the school day unless they have parental permission to leave and return during school hours.

Sign-Out/Sign-In Procedures

A student may leave campus during the school day ONLY if:

  • A(n) parent, guardian, or authorized adult listed on the emergency form comes into the building to sign the student out.
  • The administrator obtains permission from the parent, guardian, or authorized person listed on the enrollment form to sign them out.
  • The parent, guardian, or authorized adult makes a prior request by phone or written permission to district administration. Notes must include a phone number or verification. Phone calls will also be verified.

Dress Code

Staff dress is defined as business casual. Thursday is deemed “Jeans Day”. Jeans must not be torn and tattered.

Student Behavior Management Process

Behavior management diagram

Teacher Managed

  • Language
  • Lateness
  • Sleeping
  • Preparedness
  • Calling Out
  • Excessive Talking
  • Refusing to Work
  • Minor Dishonesty
  • Touching
  • Tone/Attitude
  • Electronic Devices
  • Dress Code
  • Food or Drink

Office Managed

  • Weapons
  • Fighting
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Chronic Infractions
  • Aggressive Language
  • Threatening
  • Harassment
  • Truancy
  • Smoking
  • Vandalism
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling

Guide – is behavior teacher managed or office managed?

  • Teacher Managed
    • Verbal redirection
      • Written referral to student copy in classroom file
      • Action plan and parental contact
  • Office Managed
    1. Write referral to office and include
    2. Administrator determine consequence

Our Motto

“Hearts first… and the heads will follow”


Please download the Acknowledgement Agreement and fill it out. Then, make two copies, one for your own records and one for Human Resources. Please return a signed hard copy of the agreement to Human Resources by August 31, 2018.